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New around here ? Start With the Basics

How to Apply the MySipProvider Account ?

First Click on Sign UP then filling out the application form.
After successfully registering, you can setup your SIP device/Trunk for calling via the MySipProvider network.
It is possible to setup multiple SIP devices with 1 account.


What is the dialling format for each of these routes?

MySipProvider offer 2 different routes:

  • Premium route: 00 + Country Code + Destination number. Example France 0033 612345678.
  • Direct CLI route: 999 00 + Country Code + Destination number. Example France 999 00 33 612345678.


How many simultaneous calls can I send?

Normally MySipProvider accepts “30” simultaneous.


How can I access my recent calls/CDR’s online?

Please login to MyAccount and choose the option ‘Calls’.’


Where can I change my password and profile?

To change your Account settings please log in to MyAccount and choose the option ‘Details’ then you can change your profile and password.


How do I get a downloadable version of your current rates lists & Country codes?

Go to and then choose “Rates” from the menu. There you will find downloadable versions of our rate list in USD/EUR and updated country codes.


VoIP Price lists are normally valid for?

VoIP Price lists are normally valid for 2 weeks.
You will always find the current prices on “Rates”. Rates can be subject to change with 2 days’ notice.


How do you inform me about rate changes?

Every rate change will be announced by Email, The Email will be sent 2 days before the changes take place. MySipProvider is not liable for damages resulting from e-mails that did not reach the customer for whatever and you will find all current rate lists in then “Rates”.


What is the minimum top-up amount?

We have no minimum top-up requirements, and No weekly/monthly payment required.


Which payment methods does MySipProvider offer?

Available payment methods are Bank transfer, Visa/Master Card, Visa Electron, Money Bookers &Paypal.


Is there any tax for recharge?

That depends on the payment option you use:

Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card – 0.0 % ( Paid by us )
Bank Transfer – 0.0 % ( Paid by us )
Paypal – 2.0 %
MoneyBookers – 2.0 %


How fast will my payment be processed ?

That depends on the payment option you use.

Payments by PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card, and Moneybookers will be processed immediately.
Bank Transfers might take up to 1-3 working days, depending on your bank & region.


I receive an invoice by regular mail?

Invoices are not sent by regular mail, but you will get invoices via e-mail on the last date of the month.


I can’t connect to your SIP server by using a username & Password. Can I connect by using fixed IP addresses?

Yes, please send us a complete tech form in order to connect your SIP IP Address with our Network.

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